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Taxspace is an automated system that enables Associations, Organisations, Groups, entities, Business Societies, nations etc. easily and conveniently collect tax revenue from individuals while all activities of tax payments are control from one platform. Taxspace has come to solve the issues and problems of tax payment which have been a serious problems to associations, organisation and the developing countries where most tax paid are diverted, individuals avert tax payments, revenue generated are not remitted to the purse, individuals secretly operate under licensed organisation or association without been a registered members, no proper records of tax paid or not paid etc.


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TAXSPACE will help you collect all tax paid to your account directly from anywhere

Keep daily records of taxpaid and not paid

Enforce tax payment easily through mobiles which will be convenient for taxpayers at everytime

This system will help you identity taxpayers and defaulters and also reduce the risk of engagement and receipt printing as everything will be done electronically.

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